Get real-time ROI data on GoToMarket investments to accelerate business velocity

No more waiting for monthly or quarterly status meetings. Get valuable insights and ROI data on campaigns and insights from across your entire channel.

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Marketing ROI by content and rep

Finally see the results of all your investments in campaigns and content - first-hand. Identify top performing sales reps and resellers who are driving sales acceleration

Rich, prescriptive insights

Get actionable insights from thousands of conversations with customers in real-time to improve the customer experience

Rapid deployment at scale

You can deploy a Swarm- as many AI Assistants and Playlists as you need – whether one or one thousand - across your entire channel ecosystem in a day



Dashboard Go beyond views and downloads – get engagement metrics and ROI. No waiting for MBRs and QBRs, it’s time to real-time

Conversational intelligence

Ingests and analyses all customer conversations (calls and emails). Unlocking insights that accelerate sales, improve customer service and boost customer success.

Hive Dashboard

The centralized control room where you can monitor, secure and manage your entire swarm (AI Assistants + Playlists) at scale.