Social Monitoring for Policy Feedback

Understand your public and your policies better with Social27 Conversational Intelligence

Most policies are implemented with the aim of representing the public’s interests. However, representation of public opinion relies on both the public’s expression of their response to policies and that government agencies receive and understand that feedback. Public dissatisfaction often stems from a lack of information about policy effectiveness, a problem that can be mitigated using automated processes. Public trust relies on responsiveness.


Social27 Conversational Intelligence can evaluate public sentiments throughout the policy implementation process and provide insights for the creation new policies.

By analyzing public sentiment on social platforms, agencies can identify unintended policy consequences and evaluate the effectiveness of intended policy outcomes. Conversational Intelligence provides insights into common issue areas, allowing governmental agencies to publish content to better inform citizens of policy details and outcomes.

66% of social media users have posted or responded to
share their thoughts about civic life

Identify and respond to public concerns with Social27 Conversational Intelligence.

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