Sentiment Analysis

Your customers say what you need to know. Hear more with Social27 Conversational Intelligence

Your customers appreciate feeling heard and seeing their feedback implemented in an organization. However, it is difficult to know where to start to understand and address customer sentiment. Responding to customer sentiment is imperative for improved customer satisfaction and retention, brand reputation and the identification of problem areas.


Social27 Conversational Intelligence automates the analysis of calls, email exchanges and social media posts to identify customer sentiment. Conversational Intelligence translates language into insights about your customers’ feelings by identifying positive and negative words and phrases to generate a wide array of sentiment measures such as positive-to-negative word ratios, sentiment across products and customer segments and changes to sentiment over time.

These insights are automatically populated within your dashboard, providing you with everything you need to know about how your customers feel so that best practices can be implemented horizontally.

80% of today’s customers consider their experience with a company as important as the product(s) they offer

Social27 Conversational Intelligence gives you the insights you need to understand and address customer sentiment.

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