Remote Patient Monitoring

Treatment insights with Social27 AI Assistant and Conversational Intelligence

The costs of healthcare are high and access can be unevenly distributed. Much of this cost comes from chronic illness and avoidable costly care episodes. By providing up-to-date patient information, appropriate intervention can reduce patient and provider costs.


Social27 AI Assistant and Conversational intelligence work together to make sure that patient health outcomes are understood. Our AI services engage with patients to assess their health outcomes and risks, integrating this information with existing health records.

Patients can receive information automatically, schedule a phone call with providers, or schedule an in-person appointment. Healthcare providers are given risk and adherence data to determine the most appropriate course of treatment.

69% of healthcare professionals
rank RPM as the #1 reducer of overall costs

Remote patient monitoring is a cost effective and patient friendly mode of care. Treatment adherence, response, patient experience, complications and high cost episode propensity can all be monitored without seeing patients in person.

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