Prescriptive Analytics

Social27 Dashboard gives you the recommendations you need to navigate the road ahead

Making informed decisions requires searching through large amounts of data. With great data, identifying what is causing trends is a statistically difficult task. Knowing what to expect requires complex predictive models. Updating and correcting predictive models is laborious. Even with accurate and informative descriptive and predictive statistics, the best decision is often unclear.


Social27 Dashboard integrates with your data collection sources to gather and analyze data, and then automatically leverages descriptive, inferential and predictive statistics to provide intelligent action recommendations.

Action items will automatically populate in the dashboard. Dashboard prescriptions augment user expertise to inform the best course of action.

Typical ROIs from prescriptive analytics initiatives
return 5x-20x on investment in the first year

With automated, up-to-date action recommendations, you can rest assured that you are making the best decisions.

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