Personalized Product Recommendations

Social27 AI services enhance the customer experience and maximize your ROI by delivering personalized product recommendations to your customers

Today’s customers expect a highly personalized online experience. With powerhouses from Netflix to Amazon personalizing the user experience with tailored recommendations, other retailers are pressured to keep up. However, without intelligent automation, your customers sort through products they have little interest in before finding what they want. Without individualized, curated recommendations, your customers are less likely to make purchasing decisions and are less likely to come back in the future.


With Social27 AI Assistant and Playlist, you can personalize product recommendations for your customer in two ways. You can surface product recommendations in the form of content about those products.

This way, when a customer begins consuming content about certain products, they can binge on content about similar products as it gets surfaced to them in a playlist format. Or, through a natural feeling conversation, Social27 AI Assistant can surface products to add to their carts based on the products they are already interested in.

This allows customers to get the product and product information they are looking for, as well as the products they didn’t know they needed.

35% of Amazon’s revenue is generated
by its recommendation engine

Drive sales and loyalty with Social27 AI Assistant and Playlist.

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