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Medical systems impact your patients. Providers who are strapped for time are not able to give patients the attention they need to navigate their healthcare journey. Patients forced to navigate this journey on their own risk high financial and health costs. Patient experience remains the most important focus of the health care industry, but limited time detracts from this important relationship.


Social27 AI Assistant and dashboard reduces the burden on providers and patients. Automated follow-up chats measure outcomes and suggest next-steps, giving providers more time to focus on the patient-provider relationship. By measuring patient experience, providers can identify what is lacking in their systems, whether it is navigation aid or facilities quality.

Patient responses can be used to identify deviations from normal treatment responses and, at the aggregate, locate systemic problems through heat-mapping. Our AI services lift the burden of navigation costs from patients as well. By providing real-time treatment information through chats, and by suggesting next steps, patients are automatically directed to the right providers and treatment options.

71% of healthcare professionals rank
RPM as most impactful on patient experience

Remote patient monitoring is a cost effective and patient friendly mode of care. Treatment adherence, response, patient experience, complications and high cost episode propensity can all be monitored without seeing patients in person.

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