Social27 - powered by Microsoft Teams and Azure

Microsoft Gold partner delivering Intelligent automation across marketing, sales and cx.
Built on Azure AI and delivered with Microsoft Teams at the center.


AI Assistant

Automate workflows & augment employees to reduce friction.

The Social27 AI Assistant accelerates sales and customer engagement through a human-friendly conversation experience.

Microsoft Azure:

Microsoft Bot framework 4.x

Cognitive services

Microsoft Teams:

See live conversations and jump in as needed

Notifications accounts engage with AI Assistants

Insights dashboard to see conversations, meetings scheduled, sentiment, top agents


Personalized B2B content to engage buyers and accelerate sales. Create personalized binge worthy content experiences - accelerating the B2B buyer’s path to purchase.

A self-managed hub for your marketing team to upload and publish all of their stunning content to a website, social media or even an email campaign – no IT team dependency.

See Playlist in action

Microsoft Azure:

Cognitive services

Blob storage


Microsoft Teams:

Build Playlist and manage content

See live customer activity and join chat with customer

Deep insights dashboard

Manage team members, notifications and leaderboard


Conversational Intelligence

Social27 Conversational Intelligence ingests and documents all your conversations from customer calls and emails. Thus unlocking insights that can accelerate sales or be used to serve your customers better.

Identify positive and negative sentiment, track specific keywords including competitive mentions, search, score, rate and annotate the conversations.

Microsoft Azure:

Natural Language Processing

Speech to Text

Sentiment Analysis

Key phrases, language detection

Microsoft Teams:

Insights dashboard

Team management

Conversational deep dive by call or agent

Boost Usage

Boost Microsoft Teams and Azure usage in your accounts

Showcase Microsoft AI

Showcase solutions powered by Microsoft AI services to your customers

Quick Deployment

Quickly embed by dropping a few lines of JavaScript into the destination website

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