Inventory Optimization

Social27 AI services get the right product in the right place every time

Out-of-stock items increase production down-time costs and reduce sales revenues. Excess inventory can freeze much needed capital. Many companies spend thousands on hosts of software programs and planners to ensure appropriate levels of inventory. Yet, production can still cease because of a out-of-stock component. Slowed production means higher costs and lower profit.


Social27 AI services augment inventory processes by providing your inventory employees with optimized inventory level suggestions. Data-driven insights are provided in an easy-to-use dashboard.

Whether demand prediction, sales forecasting, optimal stock levels, or potential impacts to stock levels, you have all the information needed to make the best decisions.

By automating processes, asset-intensive organizations experience
33-66 percent less resource time spent managing inventory

Social27 AI services ensure that you have the right information on hand, so you can rest assured that the right product will always be in the right place on time.

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