Social27 Hive

Develop, distribute, monitor & update your Swarm (AI Assistants + Playlists)


Develop > Distribute

The simple 3 step process:

Start a new campaign Hive and develop the Swarm (AI Assistants and related Playlists), load conversations, messaging and content that maps to the campaign.

Invite your channel partners and resellers to the campaigns Hive. They choose the relevant campaign and get access to the embed scripts for the Swarm right away.

To deploy the Swarm, the channel partners embed the JavaScript (3 lines of code) into their website. It’s as easy as embedding a YouTube video.

Intelligent Insights
(like never before)

The Hive dashboard is the centralized control room where you can monitor, secure and manage your entire swarm (AI Assistants + Playlists) at scale.

You will get valuable insights and ROI data on campaigns. Insights from customer conversations, content engagements across your entire channel delivered in a secure and compliant environment.

Total deployments across the ecosystem

Number of conversations and meetings scheduled across the swarm

Human + AI (co-bot) engagements

Top conversation categories and keywords

Number of content engagements, top content items

Access insights by account or by agent / team

Audit and compliance trail for all activities across the Swarm

Uptime and health of the Swarm

Customer sentiment across the Swarm

Most importantly, the ROI on your campaigns in real-time!


Update & refine

Analyze the insights from the Hive dashboard and make updates to the conversation flow and the Playlist content. Take down the content that isn’t working, add more of what your customers want.

You will know what messaging and content actually works and drives revenue for the company.

Rapid deployment & scale

You can deploy thousands of AI Assistants + Playlists in a day across your entire channel ecosystem

Super rich insights

Insight from thousands of actual conversations with customers in real-time

Marketing ROI

Showcase the business value and even direct sales from each campaign and piece of content

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