Improve workplace efficiency with the future of HR management

Empower the first-line worker by being there 24/7 to provide them with quick and accurate responses to all of their HR-related needs. All this in Microsoft Teams, the hub for team collaboration.

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Employee information on the go

Employees can query the Ask HR Assistant and access employee records such as payroll, benefits, retirement, and more.

Manage shifts with ease.

With the ask HR AI Assistant and the Shifts app for Microsoft teams, employees can request shift swaps all on the go.

Onboard New Talent

Provide existing and new talent with on-demand content like training videos, feedback forms, FAQs and so much more.


Ask HR AI Assistant

The Social27 Ask HR AI Assistant accelerates employee engagement through a human-friendly conversation experience.

Social27 Playlist

Create personalized binge worthy content experiences for your employees.


The Hive dashboard is the centralized control room where you can monitor, secure and manage your entire swarm (AI Assistants + Playlists) at scale.