Employee Retention

Hire and keep the right people with Social27 AI Assistant

It is difficult to hire and retain the right people in retail, but from management conflicts to onboarding issues, the drivers of employee churn can be avoided. Finding the insights to reduce turnover is a complicated task without the right help. Turnover drives up recruitment, talent acquisition and training costs.


Social27 Conversational Intelligence assesses whether candidates are the best match for your business by analyzing intent and personality characteristics. Our tools assist with onboarding by providing employees with the information they need to get up to speed.

Throughout employee tenure, Conversational Intelligence measures employee engagement, identifies drivers of turnover and assesses employee intent to best design a personalized growth and training plan.

In-store retail employees have a turnover rate
greater than 60%

Hire the right people and keep happy and engaged employees with Social27 AI Assistant and Conversational Intelligence.

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Qualify leads

Intelligent Q&A analyzes buyer intent and qualifies your leads

Set up sales meetings

The AI assistant invites sales reps into the chat or sets up meetings based on customer and sales rep calendars

Tailored conversations

Sellers tailor their conversations based on content engagement signals provided by the AI Assistant

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