Document Automation

Social27 AI Assistant automates document management so that your team can focus on the task at hand

Our most talented employees spend lots of time carrying out mundane tasks. Creating basic, reproducible documents distracts from the tasks that most need attention and expertise. Receipts, emails, proposals, letters and other reproducible documents pile up. Document workload leads to fatigue and decreased accuracy of document elements, ultimately affecting your bottom line.


Social27 AI Assistant identifies and replaces unique document elements while retaining reproducible elements. Client names, numbers, addresses, budget items and other specific information is filled from your data and records.

When documents are automatically generated, human users then review the accuracy of the information. This is particularly important when documents need to be rapidly generated and delivered. By only relying on human users to verify content, fatigue is reduced and accuracy is increased.

As many as 45 percent of the activities
individuals are paid to perform can be automated

Automate document creation and reproduction with Social27 AI Assistant so your experts can do the work they do best. Say goodbye to workflow lags.

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Qualify leads

Intelligent Q&A analyzes buyer intent and qualifies your leads

Set up sales meetings

The AI assistant invites sales reps into the chat or sets up meetings based on customer and sales rep calendars

Tailored conversations

Sellers tailor their conversations based on content engagement signals provided by the AI Assistant

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