Data Entry Automation

Social27 AI services allows you to make informed decisions with up-to-date and accurate data at your fingertips

Data-driven insights increase the chances of making the right choices, but your choices are only as good as your data. Hand-entered data contain errors, and often only a portion of the data needed for informed decisions is available. On top of all these challenges, data-entry bogs talented employees down in mundane tasks, keeping them from the complex, valuable tasks they are more equipped to execute.


Social27 AI services can capture data automatically and accurately by drawing together data from relevant information sources then pulling the insights into a dashboard for easy consumption.

Whether employee actions or customer sentiment, you can rest assured that your data is up-to-date and accurate. Social27 AI services tools enable you to make the best-informed decisions.

Approximately 10% to 20% of human work hours are spent on dull, repetitive computer tasks

Make the best decisions with up-to-date and accurate data at your fingertips. With Social27 AI services, you can

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Qualify leads

Intelligent Q&A analyzes buyer intent and qualifies your leads

Set up sales meetings

The AI assistant invites sales reps into the chat or sets up meetings based on customer and sales rep calendars

Tailored conversations

Sellers tailor their conversations based on content engagement signals provided by the AI Assistant

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