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Social27 AI Assistant is there for your customers 24/7 and lifts the burden of incoming requests from your support teams 

When calling a support hotline, customers often wait for hours to get on the phone with a real person, or even days for support request response via email. Support teams are overloaded with requests, many of which can be answered without bogging down your employees. For this reason, many tech companies don’t have support assistance available outside a FAQ page. Effective customer support is crucial for every business. Customer support inefficiencies reduce customer satisfaction and tarnish brand image.


Social27 AI Assistant is available to your customers 24/7. It can address many customer requests automatically, and forward more complex inquiries and issues to your support staff. Your customers can simply visit your website and interact with the AI Assistant to resolve their questions in real-time.

With AI Assistant, your customers are never on hold or waiting on the edge of their seats for a response, and support teams aren’t bombarded with requests that can be resolved with information that is readily available.

Virtual agent systems can typically handle
80% of incoming questions without assistance

Social27 AI Assistant puts your customers at ease and lessens the burden on your support teams.

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Qualify leads

Intelligent Q&A analyzes buyer intent and qualifies your leads

Set up sales meetings

The AI assistant invites sales reps into the chat or sets up meetings based on customer and sales rep calendars

Tailored conversations

Sellers tailor their conversations based on content engagement signals provided by the AI Assistant

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