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Social27 Conversational Process Automation for Microsoft Teams

Augmented Collaboration & Intelligent Automation

The Social27 CoPilot inside Teams:

  • Human workers can chat from inside Teams,on invitation or direct insert
  • Mobile chat via Teams mobile app
  • Notifications in Teams, app, email
  • Full analytics dashboard
  • Team Performance leaderboard

Chat, share, meet and achieve objectives in Teams.

How does it work

Win- Win

The power of conversational AI combined with the hub for teamwork in Office 365.

The Social27 AI platform is built on top of the Microsoft bot framework and Cognitive services.

We leverage state-of-the-art natural language understanding and machine learning techniques to deliver the industry's most robust and engaging conversational experience.

Through guided, open-ended or natural conversations, we gather deep insights and build trust with the users.

Key Benefits

Supercharge your team with a conversational AI CoPilot

Speed to customer

Serve customers in real-time, every time and engage with personalized messaging.

The CoPilot solution automates conversations, workflows and processes across marketing, sales and support.

Pass to Human

The Digital Agent CoPilot sends “chat invite” notifications to Human agents based on automation triggers and customer actions.

Digital agent can pick up the conversation again to help with tasks like schedule the meeting.

Compliant & Secure

All conversations are stored automatically, providing complete oversight and audit trail. A straight benefit from the Azure global infrastructure.

This includes GDPR, ISO 27018, HIPPA, PCI DSS, SOC 1,2 and 3 certification.

Use cases by Industry

How various industries leverage Social27 AI


Deliver personalized experience to your patients for identifying the illness symptoms, scheduling doctor appointments, and notifying caregiver.

Banking & Financial

Streamline the operations, automate customer support, and provide a more convenient and enjoyable customer experience.


With the help of a CoPilot you can see the rooms, compare rooms, view offers & packages, and make booking as well as payment. Key Repetitive Hospitality Processes to Automate are Booking Cancellation, Refunds, and Loyalty


Help employees get accurate information regarding processes and production levels quickly, without logging into enterprise systems.

Key Repetitive Manufacturing Service Processes to Automate are around Documents, Order Status, and Pricing & Availability for products.


Help your customers in finding and selecting a product with recommendations, send offer alerts, collect customer feedback etc.

Key Repetitive Retail Service Processes Automations we handle are around Order Status, Refunds & Returns and Order Cancellation


Automates advisory and claim management across the insurance value chain in underwriting, healthcare, and property.

Use cases by horizontal

CoPilot use cases for diverse business verticals

Customer care

Streamline and optimize customer service operations by decreasing customer wait time, agent transfers, and resolve issues quicker.

Sales & marketing

Helps in booking meetings and calls automatically, handle prospects’ queries and provide contextual responses, and more.

Workplace productivity

Help employees in handling daily tasks more effectively, improve internal processes and overall employee productivity.

Content search

Provide several services to users like personalized recommendations, sales support, product information, instant Q&A etc.

Human resources

Simplify and personalize the HR process like recruitment, on-boarding, employee training and respond to employee queries instantly.

Supply chain

Provide real-time shipping accuracy updates, respond to customer queries related to shipment delays, and simplify lodging claims.

Our stance on bias in AI

A.I. must guard against bias, ensuring proper, and representative research so that the wrong heuristics cannot be used to discriminate.
Read more about how Microsoft’s CEO Satya Nadella explores how humans and A.I. can work together to solve society’s greatest challenges

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