AI Assistant
Automate & augment to reduce sales friction

The Social27 AI Assistant accelerates sales and customer engagement through a human-friendly conversation experience.


The Social27 AI Assistant enables a human-friendly conversation experience that guides customers through intelligently designed questions, right on the page they’re already doing their research.

It not only automates repetitive admin work, but identifies buyer intent with intelligent Q&A, qualifies the lead, sets up a sales meeting or invites a sales rep to the chat if the buyer is ready to engage.


The Social27 AI Assistant provides your sales team with analytics on the content your customers are engaging with, the context for what they’re researching, and insights into a prospect’s readiness to buy.  

It happens right inside the CRM, so your sales team can prioritize account outreach and have a conversation that maps directly to the buyer’s needs.

Qualify leads

Intelligent Q&A analyzes buyer intent and qualifies your leads

Set up sales meetings

The AI assistant invites sales reps into the chat or sets up meetings based on customer and sales rep calendars

Tailored conversations

Sellers tailor their conversations based on content engagement signals provided by the AI Assistant

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