Social eLearning

Create Digital Academy

Customize with colors, logos, banners, personalized URL, design themes, etc.

Online Registration

Students / Learners can easily register and pay the Academy fees online.


Globalize your Digital Academy by offering multiple languages.

Academy Subscription Management

Specify different fee and subscription options, discount codes and send students promo pricing offers.

Sell Academy Subscriptions

Use Paypal and / or our secure credit card processing for easy fee collection.

Email Marketing

Send customized emails via downloadable lists from student directory.

Embed Widgets

Enterprise customers can use custom web parts to embed different types of widgets from across the web.

Social Media APIs

Our Social eLearning platform is fully integrated with all major social network APIs for sharing and collaboration.

Engage Students

Students can ask questions, leave comments, and make connections with other students through the rich profiles.

Stream Live Classes

Stream your classes live and engage students in a real time powerful learning experience.

Mood O Meter

Get live feedback of how your audience feels throughout a class or course.

Polls, Quiz, Assessments

Create polls, quiz and assessments for each class to test the student knowledge.

Points, Badges, Prizes

Our Gamification engine enables you to get the most out of your event by creating behaviors to increase attendee engagement and participation.

Social Networking

Student interaction helps create a real life and fun learning experience. Students can meet, connect, and stay in touch.

Networking Lounge

The social interaction space with a student directory, points leaderboards, games and moreā€¦

Rich Profiles

Attendees can create and personalize their networking profiles as well as integrate their LinkedIn and Twitter profiles.

Mobile Ready

Your digital academy can be accessed from any device. This includes iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows Phone.

API Integration

The Enterprise Version enables integration with your member databases, CRM system, and e-commerce systems.

Academy Dashboard

The dashboard helps you to create and manage your student lists, analyze and tailor your courses to your students.

Google Analytics

Your digital academy allows you pull in data analysis and reporting from your Google Analytics account.

Academy Business Intelligence

Your digital academy has a proprietary reporting engine with detailed reports in addition to Google Analytics integration.



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