Social eLearning

Create and manage your own easy-to-use solution while igniting a solid and robust learning experience with a heavy social layer included like no other. Take your trainings from isolation to collaboration.

Cloning Feature

Easily create new academies via our groundbreaking cloning feature. Change the way you reproduce content!

User Management

Conveniently import and upload your attendees in one click of a button and begin inviting them to your event in seconds.

Flawless Content Delivery

On every device, anywhere, anytime. Directly embed or upload video content from top video platforms.

Quizzes, Classes and Assessments

Easily create polls, quizzes, and assessments for each class. These can pop up mid session or at the end. It's up to you!

Business Intelligence

Get deep insights into your students progress and academy site analytics all wrapped in an easy-to-read dashboard.



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